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Opening ceremony of '99 International Workshop on Seabuckthorn
(From left)Mr.Jiao Juren(Director, Dept. of Soil and Water Conservation, MWR),
Madame. Liang Dan(Director of CICETE), 
Mr. Ajmal M. Qureshi(FAO Representative of China),
Madame. Lena Lindberg(Deputy Representative of UNDP in China),
Madame.Qian Zhengying(Vice Chairwoman of CPPCC),
Mr. Zhu Dengquan(Vice-Minister, MWR),
Mr. Chai Zemin(Director, Yellow River Economy and Culture Research Association),
Mr. Gao Juncai(SDPC, China),
Dr.Tej Partap(ICIMOD)

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Madame.Qian Zhengying(right) meets foreign experts before opening ceremony
(form left)Dr.Tej Partap(ICIMOD), Prof. Heikki Kallio(Finland),
Dr.Ralf Kwaschik(Senior Adviser,ICRTS), Mr.Bill Schroeder(Canada),
Madame. Liang Dan(Director of CICETE), (----), Mr. Ajmal M. Qureshi(FAO Representative of China), Madame.Qian Zhengying(Vice Chairwoman of CPPCC)

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Prof. Huang Quan, Chinese famous expert on breeding of seabuckthorn variety read out his report--Seabuckthorn breeding in China.

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Dr. Thomas Li, Canadian expert presents an album as a gift to International Center for Research and Training on Seabuckthorn

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ICC members and participants of '99IWS Discussing International Cooperation at ICC meeting

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(A)"I want to go home" Mr.Colin Mcloughlin(Canada)"begged" money from the participants of the meeting on the bus, and(B) donated the money to ICC at the ICC meeting. Dr. Tej Partap, the   Chairmen of ICC meeting, was counting the money.

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Seabuckthorn Products come from Pakistan, Finland, Germany, Kirghizstan...

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Seabuckthorn Exhibition

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Rest time, going to shopping and watching Chinese Acrobatics

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